Why and Where to Buy John Deere Parts

When in the market for purchasing tractors, as well as other farming equipment, John Deere is one of the best manufacturers in the business. However, many may still may be unsure of where and how to purchase John Deere parts products and where you can have them serviced.  In this article, we will discuss the John Deere brand, what they have to offer and how our company, Tractor Export, can help you get the equipment you need easily and affordably.

About John Deere

John Deere has been a leading name in equipment among loggers, landowners, ranchers and farmers for many years. Since the company was founded in 1837, John Deere has changed many aspects of their services, products and business as a whole. While change is inevitable, John Deere’s commitment to service and quality has not changed. They have kept their original core values that determine the way they work, as well as the treatment you get as a customer, employee or investor. These core values include commitment, quality, integrity and innovation. They are values that John Deere works hard to uphold and which can be found in every product and service they offer.

Advantages of Choosing John Deere Parts

There are plenty of advantages that come with buying John Deere equipment and services. In addition to their core values, John Deere has a commitment to quality of leadership that has lasted nearly 175 years. They are committed to putting decisive, strong leaders at the forefront of their company, who are dedicated to their core principles of innovation, commitment and integrity. This results in the state of the art technology and knowledge being used in all their products.

Types of Equipment

When many people think of John Deere tractors, they probably imagine the traditional green and yellow tractor. While John Deere does sell tractors, they also sell a full line up of other quality equipment. Below is an overview of the different equipment available:

If you are interested in buying a tractor, John Deere sells four-wheel drive, row-crop, specialty, track utility, compact utility, one family sub-compact and E series tractors.

If you’re looking to buy seeders, John Deere has a great selection of those too. They offer box drills, air seeders and planters, as well as all the equipment you need to harvest grain including combines, headers and self-propelled wind rowers .

For those farmers that harvest hay, you’ll be able to find balers, disc mowers, flail choppers, forage harvesters, mower-conditioners, wind rowers, wheel rakes and frontier hay implements. In addition, you can find equipment for tilling purposes such as disks, nutrient applicators, primary tillage, seedbed tillage and vertical tillage equipment. When it’s time to handle the materials, John Deere has the utility loaders and agricultural tractor loaders needed.

Another lineup featured by John Deere is the wide range of equipment for cotton and sugar harvesting. They have a variety of cutters and shredders, a heavy-duty rotary cutter, a medium-duty rotary cutter, flail mowers and flail shredders. John Deere also offers carry-all scrapers, ejector scrapers and self-propelled sprayers.

For fertilizing needs, John Deere has nutrient applicators and drawn dry spreaders.

It doesn’t just stop at farm equipment. John Deere also offers an extensive and impressive list of home tools. These include, just to name a few: air compressors, air tools, chemicals, compresserators, flashlights, gas barbeque grills, generators, grease guns, hand tools, workshop and home accessories, portable heaters, power tools, pressure washers, security safes, tool storage, transfer pumps, welderator, wet/dry vacuums and workshop supplies.

As you can see, the John Deere lineup is extensive, covering many farming and household needs. They are well known for their trademark deer logo with green and yellow colors, but more than that, they are recognized for being a well-established brand with years of experience in building and maintaining quality, reliable equipment.

Interesting facts about the brand

There are many interesting facts about John Deere. Some are as follows:

At the age of 33, John Deere designed his first plow while working as a blacksmith in the Midwest. The steel plow became so popular that there immediately became a demand for such a high-quality product. From 1852-1858, John Deere ran the company. When his son was 21 years old, he took over as manager in 1858 and ran the company for the next 49 years.

At one point, John Deere even manufactured bicycles. However, they stopped production due to a lack in demand.

In 1912, John Deere built its first international manufacturing plant in Canada. Now, there are 104 John Deere locations around the globe.  It is estimated that there are more than 56,000 employees worldwide.

In 1998, the company hit $1 billion dollars in sales. This was a first for the entire agricultural equipment industry, as well as for John Deere.

Since John Deere built his first plow in 1837, close to 596 different types of tractors have been built by the company. This includes 31 industrial tractors, eight Waterloo Boy tractors, 38 backhoe-leader tractors and 68 Lanz farm tractors.

In 1958, the Industrial Equipment Division was established, although Deere had been doing business in the industry for years. The Dubuque, Iowa plant built and introduced the first industrial-yellow crawler tractors.

While John Deere started out as a manufacturer of farm tractors, the company now produces equipment for a variety of industries such as golf and sport, commercial construction, government and military, forestry and landscaping.

As many companies grow and change, so do their logos. There have been eight different variations of the John Deere logo throughout the years. The leaping deer designed was created and altered several different times before arriving at the current, modern green and yellow image.

There you have a little about the history of John Deere tractors and how the company has evolved over time.

Tractor Export Features and Benefits

At Tractor Export, we know the value of John Deere products and are committed to providing the best service when it comes to purchasing them. We offer competitive pricing on parts, equipment and services. When shopping, we make it easy as our website offers online quotes for parts, including shipping estimates. Should a part be unavailable online, our company will get a quote to you within 48 hours and we’ll be able to ship the product in one week.

We provide services to equipment worldwide, with on-site mechanical support and parts. This is possible with our 356 mechanics working on site at locations in Africa and Latin America.

Our company is proud to provide an excellent solution for farms and can provide the latest technology. We will provide the best solution, regardless of brand name, for the individual project and type of application you are performing. In addition to new equipment, we also have low-hour used equipment. Low-hour used equipment is often better quality than the new, due to specialized modifications we make to it.

Worried about shipping and delivery? We handle all logistical issues to the point of your destination and can refer you to an in country customs and logistics agent if you wish. You won’t have to worry about the status of your tractor delivery, as we will keep you notified. Lastly, we accept a wide array of payments such as Euros, Dollars or Bitcoins to make the purchase as easy as possible, regardless of your preferred payment method.

Getting the John Deere equipment you need has never been easier with the help of Tractor Export. We know good tractor products, and help customers around the world to easily and affordable get the quality equipment they need. Contact us today.


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