Steve Massey

CEO of Tractor Export

Solving critical challenges on the ground globally to keep tractors in motion for the world’s greatest entrepreneurs–farmers–is what TractorExport is all about.

Unlike in the United States where farming sub-contractors often handle logistical on site needs, farming in Africa or Latin America is a bit different. “It’s the wild west out there,” said TractorExport President Steve Massey.

“We talk to our clients out in the field every day and they are doing it all, from creating a modern infrastructure by setting up internet access, to repairing the harvest pick-up truck after an overweight banana delivery.”

Massey is a Miami native well suited to handle the unpredictable challenges of life in the bush. Although he began his professional career behind a desk as a computer programmer, certified public accountant, and then attorney for Greenberg Traurig, Massey was introduced into international business development in the 1980’s and his expertise grew from there.

“Ten years ago I formed a business called Auto China,” said Massey. “We got investment capital to commercialize automobiles, trucks, and buses out of China and export them all over the world.”

The time he spent in China learning the business of automotive manufacturing and equipment while developing a successful line of cars served Massey well as his business expanded into Africa and Latin America. Leveraging on this experience, Massey launched TractorExport eight years ago.

“Business is basically about relationships. When we sell something to our clients we have to make sure the equipment is pristine and that they have all the spare parts and training necessary to make it all work out in the middle of nowhere. It is a whole different gig when operating in the bush.”

Massey knows how to handle a gig. The global entrepreneur was also a guitar wielding attorney when he and his band of merry colleague musicians formed “Roadkill,” a famous local Miami band that played in the community for over a decade. The friends still get together to perform at venues such as The Children’s Cancer Caring Center Holiday Party every December.

Clients also become friends at TractorExport. “We are fortunate to visit at least once a year with our clients when they join us in South Florida to travel to the Midwest for equipment inspection. Although the trip takes about a day and a half, the sojourn usually includes a trip to Bass Pro Shop and some classic Miami sightseeing.”



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