Mechanization of Cassava Production Systems

Cassava, or manioc (Manihot esculenta ), is a root crop which, perhaps much to the surprise of folks outside the tropic regions of the world, accounts for approximately 30% of the planet’s production of root and tuber-based food crops; although there is a certain lack of mechanization of Cassava production.  This perennial woody shrub grows to a height between 1-3 meters in height, with palmate leaves and cone-shaped roots.  Starch is stored in the root, and covered with a [...]

Global Agricultural Equipment Market Trends

In researching current trends in Agricultural Equipment worldwide, I found that regardless of where any given region is with regard to its Ag industry; Agricultural Engineering is moving forward with unprecedented growth in technology advancements.  This means different things to different regions of the world. By:  John Deibel, Freelance Author for Tractor Export North America: Gross receipts and profitability in North American Agriculture continue to slide.  2017 is a Census year in the US.  Many are anticipating some significant and perhaps not [...]


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