Biosensors in Cattle Become More Sophisticated Every Year

The term biosensors is becoming commonplace in the livestock industry across the world.  The term covers a wide variety of data sets that can be measured, transmitted, and analyzed in real time using IoT (Internet of Things) technology or wireless systems ‘talking’ with a centralized unit on the farm. Biosensors have the potential to measure physiological, behavioral, immunological, and related variables across multiple animal species and livestock; whether in the wild or domesticated.  The latest developments can offer highly specialized [...]

GPS in Agriculture – A Rapidly Evolving Technology

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has been around for a long time, but the use of GPS in agriculture is quite recent.  The ability to locate a geographic position using satellites was first introduced in the 1970’s.  GPS is really just the core technology, however.  It has evolved tremendously to real-time data exchange, which probably contributed the most to its practical application in Agriculture. It wasn’t until another layer of technology, namely, Geographic Information Systems came about that we’ve seen [...]

Recommended Tractor Accessories

 Source:   Your tractor is much more then simply a piece of production machinery. Your tractor can often be your home for up to eight hours or more per day when you are preparing the soil or harvesting, or working on other projects that require the use of the big beast. Most of us think nothing of adding refinements to our automobile to make us more comfortable: upgrading a stereo perhaps, adding a GPS system and often adding seat covers, [...]


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