Selecting a Mechanical Transplanter

Rice Seedling Mechanical Transplanter – Source:  Rice Crop Guide - Growing Rice - Haifa Group One of the key challenges to small landholders is achieving timeliness of operations.  With the high costs associated with finding and retaining good workers when growing small acreages of crops; whether for a market or a community-supported system, the decision to mechanize certain operations can be a tough one. A good example is in the decision to purchase a mechanical transplanter.  While hand planting can be effective [...]

Mechanization of Cassava Production Systems

Cassava, or manioc (Manihot esculenta ), is a root crop which, perhaps much to the surprise of folks outside the tropic regions of the world, accounts for approximately 30% of the planet’s production of root and tuber-based food crops; although there is a certain lack of mechanization of Cassava production.  This perennial woody shrub grows to a height between 1-3 meters in height, with palmate leaves and cone-shaped roots.  Starch is stored in the root, and covered with a [...]


By Trevor Bullen, BSc Agricultural Engineering, Contributing Author. World Bank indicators show that Sub- Saharan Africa has 1 billion hectares of agricultural land which is approximately 42% of the land in sub-Saharan Africa. Of this, approximately 25% is currently under crop today, the majority of which is on a seasonal basis. The population in the region is some 856 million, a population density of approximately 40 per square kilometer compared to 116 in Europe. The numbers above could suggest that there [...]


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