Tractor Selection Guide

Know What You Want, Know What You’re Getting if you want to do a good tractor selection Selecting the right tractor can be a complex decision these days, as manufacturers make the machines more complicated with good intentions to be competitive for your business.. computerized controls, operator comfort, ease of operation, and other added features all come at a cost..the trick is to determine if the benefit is worth it. It seems the smaller the tractor, the more complex these decisions [...]

Buying Checklist for All Forms of Ag Equipment

source: In another article about What you need to know before Buying New or Used Equipment and whether to buy in cash or finance it, I covered some of the decision steps a farmer should go through when selecting equipment. Even more important though after you decide exactly what you need in your equipment, is finding that good piece of used equipment. This article applies to used equipment and not new equipment. New equipment is going to come with [...]


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