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Tractor Moldboard Plow

Machinery Ownership Alternatives for Small Farms

Owning farm machinery for small farms can be expensive and many small farmers struggle with justifying the investment.  This... read more

Disking in a cover crop of peas and triticale

Integrated Nutrient Management in the Subtropics

Nutrient management is a key component to increasing sustainable yields of crops in sub-tropic regions of the world.  The... read more

No-Till Farming Protects teh Soil

Bringing Cleared Land into Agricultural Production

By John Deibel, Freelance Author and Agronomist As the adoption of new Agricultural technologies evolve in the countries of sub-tropic regions... read more

Big Data Generated Maps of Africa's Soil Properties

Improved Management of Soils Making Huge Strides Across the Globe

“How Farmers in Developing Countries Can Benefit from Digitized Soil Mapping” by:  John Deibel, Freelance Author and Agronomist   How Soils are... read more

How a Farmer Became a Symbol of the Food Revolution in California

Most-read books on Sustainable Farming and the Food Revolution What would you do if the varieties of peaches you (and your... read more

USDA Tests Seeding Cover Crops With Helicopters

USDA aerial seeding cover crops A new program designed to increase the use of cover crops on farms is being... read more

Jonathan Foley

Will there be a global agricultural crisis in our time?

The world populations is growing by 75 million people each year, and more than 40% of earth’s land has... read more

Four Reasons why Biocontrol Should be Important to All of Us

Are you thinking going organic? Let’s talk about “Biological Pest Control” Biological Pest Control. A parasatoid wasp lays an egg... read more

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