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R. Coleman

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What you need to know before Financing New or Used Equipment

What you need to know before Financing New or Used equipment One of the biggest decisions that farm owners face is deciding to buy either used or new equipment. The next question is then how to finance these major purchases. Before carefull...[...more]

Recommended Tractor Accessories

┬áSource: Blob.Fastline.com   Your tractor is much more then simply a piece of production machinery. Your tractor can often be your home for up to eight hours or more per day when you are preparing the soil or harvesting, or working o...[...more]

Tractor Advances

Source: Deere.com The 8R cab looks like a video game console, but for real world performance. Tractor advances are no longer focused on the performance of the tractor strictly. Now the manufacturers have to combine performance with meeting...[...more]