Modern Planters and Drills

Modern Planters have come a long way over the course of the past 50 years.  The precision of seed placement can be directly correlated with the yield of the crop being grown.  Even distribution of the optimum population of seed according to factors like soil type, hybrid or variety, date of planting, and other cultural factors is the first step in attaining maximum yields.  Planters are designed and selected mostly according to how the crop is to be harvested. Row [...]

Meet Steve Massey, CEO of TractorExport and TractorTec – Part 1

This is the first of three parts of my conversation with Steve Massey, founder and CEO of Tractor Export.  Come learn more about their company, its roots, and how it plans to grow in the future to significantly improve agricultural systems in developing countries. By:  Raquel Garcia Article Abstract Developing countries all over the world desperately need to improve their agricultural infrastructure in order to step up to the health and nutrition requirements of an ever growing population base.  Whether by constraints [...]

Meet Steve Massey, CEO of Tractor Export® and TractorTec®

Stepping up to improving Agricultural Systems in developing countries has been a life mission of Steve Massey, the founder and CEO of Tractor Export® ( ) and TractorTec® ( The Agricultural Equipment industry in many developing countries is undergoing a big change thanks to a new approach to providing a vital component for farm productivity.  To date, existing equipment infrastructures in developing countries has been limited to a centralized dealer system that focuses primarily on sales of new equipment; with [...]


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