Meet Steve Massey, CEO of Tractor Export® and TractorTec®

Stepping up to improving Agricultural Systems in developing countries has been a life mission of Steve Massey, the founder and CEO of Tractor Export® ( ) and TractorTec® (

The Agricultural Equipment industry in many developing countries is undergoing a big change thanks to a new approach to providing a vital component for farm productivity.  To date, existing equipment infrastructures in developing countries has been limited to a centralized dealer system that focuses primarily on sales of new equipment; with inadequate support for parts, maintenance, and repairs once the equipment is on site.  The result is hundreds of tractors that, in the US or the EU, would be “barely broken in”, sitting dead in the field or on the farm.

President, CEO, and founder of Tractor Export LLC, Steve Massey, has designed a system which has stepped up to this challenge…and the numbers are coming in to prove he’s right on track.  Built on providing high quality, preowned agricultural equipment; and then integrating a reliable infrastructure of service and parts networking, the number of farmers who can afford to bring modern equipment technology is increasing substantially.  With a focus on cost to the farmer, preliminary estimates have shown a reduction in equipment expense between 30 to 50% for machines and attachments; while maintaining 85% availability; and in the end, generating a 20 to 30% aggregate increase in crop yields.

Consistent with this mission, Steve’s team has recently rolled out a new tool for the export market, namely, TractorTec® ,  TractorExport’s on line maintenance program;  networking and connecting third party service providers with small to medium size farmers and agricultural cooperatives. The recent launching of along with their international, parts store is another step in the right direction.  Fortified with a Blog site for ongoing transfer of technology from reliable unbiased sources, TractorExport is utilizing the internet and direct contact with the farmer to play a significant role in helping developing countries create and implement truly sustainable food systems.

Having been first exposed to this gaping need while working in China’s export market, Steve Massey took that experience and decided to build a business with its mission being to fill that gap permanently.  He has since built a strong business with strong connections and results being found in South Africa, Gabon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Peru, Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay, Jamaica and more.

In an exclusive interview with Mr Massey, Rachael Garcia asked him to describe his journey, past, present, and future, to change the face of Agricultural Mechanization in developing countries.  His journey goes beyond tractors and implements; to include networking technology transfer, sustainable agricultural practices, and more.

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