Used Equipment

Used equipment can be a good cost effective option for expanding production capacity and getting high utility within tight agricultural budgets. Tractor Export has created this post to list equipment that is available to us from our partners for immediate sale. We will continue updating this post as equipment is sold and new equipment becomes available. If you are interested, please contact us directly and we can provide full specs, pictures and pricing. Contact Us: ____________________________________________________________________________ Model Description Make Year  Hours Price (USD). D10T Bulldozer Cat 2011 21643          444,000 D10T Bulldozer Cat 2011 22875          444,000 D10T Bulldozer Cat 2011 21643          444,000 D10T Bulldozer Cat 2011 21551          444,000 D10T Bulldozer Cat 2012 18943          [...]

Organic Amendments and Fertilizer Spreaders

Farmers around the world have always known the benefits of manures, composts, leaf and yard waste; and other bulky organic materials, and the fertilizer spreaders to deliver them.  With more emphasis on sustainability and recycling; reducing the use of costly chemical fertilizers, and managing the organic fraction of the soil better; advancements in the ‘science’ of it all have kept pace to assist farmers while equipment technology also has become more precise for field and operating efficiency. Sources of Bulky [...]

John Deere Parts

Why and Where to Buy John Deere Parts When in the market for purchasing tractors, as well as other farming equipment, John Deere is one of the best manufacturers in the business. However, many may still may be unsure of where and how to purchase John Deere parts products and where you can have them serviced.  In this article, we will discuss the John Deere brand, what they have to offer and how our company, Tractor Export, can help you [...]

Maintenance Plans for Accessory Equipment

Maintenance plans for accessory equipment Source: Outsourcing Farm Equipment Repair and Maintenance Maintenance and repair for farm equipment is one of the major expenses for any operator. The larger the farm operation, the larger the equipment, and the more sophisticated the maintenance requirements typically. Deciding whether to keep maintenance in-house both for primary tractors and combines as well as for accessory equipment can be both an operational and a financial question.   Skillsets for Today's Farm Equipment - High Tech On the operational [...]

Advances in Combine Performance

Advances in Combine Performance According to John Deere's company numbers, they have sold more than 1.1 million combines in the past 80 years. John Deere's combines are not only among the most advanced in the world, but they are also targeted at the largest farmers with some of the highest capacities in the industry.One of the factors driving combine technology is that the agricultural world has experienced the same effects as the retail world and many other industries. Namely, bigger [...]

The Latest in Fertilizer Spraying Technology

click for video Agricultural fertilizer application has advanced significantly from the days of randomly casting powdered fertilizer over a field with a spread broadcaster. Now there are electronic sensors that determine where the fields begin and end, along with GPS sensors for determining what fertilizer mix is required at certain locations, plus a variety of spray nozzles to adapt to different application rates and chemicals.   Targeted Fertilizer and Pesticide Spraying Saves Over 40% There was a recent study done in California where [...]

Tractor Advances

Source: The 8R cab looks like a video game console, but for real world performance. Tractor advances are no longer focused on the performance of the tractor strictly. Now the manufacturers have to combine performance with meeting restrictions for a variety of parameters from exhaust emissions, dust generation, fuel consumption, and any number of other regulations dreamed up by a bevy of paper pushers that have probably never even been inside of a tractor cab. Yes, the whole industry [...]

Top 5 Ag Tech Achievements of 2013

Top Ag Achievements of 2013 Putting together a top five list of agricultural technology equipment achievements is practically an impossible task. Every single piece of equipment that modern farmers use today require thousands of brilliant engineers to get to the level of performance that we now take for granted. These particular top five agricultural and farm machinery equipment achievements come from videos that were viewed most frequently, suggesting that farmers consider this technology to be key for them. Thank you [...]


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