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Retrofitting – Combining Operations – Improving What You’ve Got

Farmers are perhaps the most ingenious sector of the world economy today.  From retrofitting planters with ground-driven sprayers to converting corn combines to rice harvesters, the examples are endless.  Technology companies are sprouting up all over the world to assist farmers who own older equipment with adding upgrades that enable them to variably apply fertilizers, chemicals, and seed according to the field conditions as they change.

Retrofitting Pays!

Pictured here is a farmer who mounted a gandy seeder on top of an old rotary hoe, set up to cultivate a row crop and intercropping a cover crop at cultivation. Countless examples exist where equipment ingenuity combined with agronomy can result in low input high return operations on the farm.

TractorExport is paving the way to international sales of nearly new equipment matched with local service networks in Africa , Central America, and elsewhere so as to assist farmers with getting the most out of their equipment purchase.

Gandy seeder on top of an old rotary hoe

Gandy seeder on top of an old rotary hoe

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