Tracking Weather for Farming Across the Sub-Tropics

Using the Cloud to Help Farmers make farming decisions Managing your farm carries a multitude of challenges…decision making in the sensitive environments of the tropics and sub-tropics adds another layer of things to consider.  Knowing your regional climate and local weather for farming can be crucial to protecting your crops and animals. Several organizations and groups are trying to step up to these challenges with tools that can be utilized by farmers across the equatorial belt to assist with short-term seasonal [...]

La Productividad Agrícola va en Aumento en África Occidental

La productividad agrícola en África Occidental está aumentando gracias al programa creado por la Comunidad Económica de Estados de África Occidental (ECOWAS) y financiada en parte por el Banco Mundial. El Programa de Productividad Agrícola de África Occidental (WAAPP) como es denominado, esta esforzándose para mantenerse a la altura del reto. 13 países de África Occidental están comprometidos en este esfuerzo y están dando grandes pasos en sistemas productivos en alimentos sostenibles, los cuales están mejorando la nutrición, creando [...]

Agricultural Productivity on the Rise in West Africa

West African Agricultural Productivity  is on the rise thanks to a program created by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and funded in part by the World Bank.  The West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP) as it is called is striving to step up to this challenge.  13 West African countries are engaged in this effort and great strides are being made in productive, sustainable food systems which are improving nutrition, creating jobs, and opening doors to [...]


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