This computer will grow food for you in the future

What if we could grow food that is delicious, nutrient-dense, indoors anywhere in the world? Caleb Harper, director of the Open Agriculture Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, wants to change the food system by connecting growers with technology. Get to know Harper's "food computers" and catch a glimpse of what the future of farming might look like.  

Solar Energy in Agriculture

We wanted to bring an article about Solar Energy in agriculture because in these times farmers in tropical and developing countries are learning first hand how Climate Change and Global Warming are changing the way we do things in agriculture and other industries.  A key component of mitigating Climate Change is Energy.  Without practical and reliable sources of energy, the challenges with increasing production and stepping up to processing requirements to create more value-added commodities for markets and the community. Solar [...]

Improved Management of Soils Making Huge Strides Across the Globe

“How Farmers in Developing Countries Can Benefit from Digitized Soil Mapping” by:  John Deibel, Freelance Author and Agronomist   How Soils are Formed Think of soils as the ‘skin’ of the Earth. Their depth varies from negligible (only a few millimeters) influenced by forces which have moved them such as wind, water, weathering, and human activity; to several meters deep where they exist untouched by these forces.  Soils exist in layers, or ‘horizons’, each with their respective importance from the short term management [...]

Will there be a global agricultural crisis in our time?

The world populations is growing by 75 million people each year, and more than 40% of earth’s land has been cleared for farming. Some believe this could spell the inevitability of an agricultural crisis at a global scale. Why? As Agriculture strives to meet the skyrocketing demand for food, it has become vulnerable to claims as being the largest driver of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental destruction. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of [...]

Do You Know What is Africa’s “Great Green Wall”?

To understand why there is a "Great Green Wall" project going on, we should mention that on September 25th 2015, the countries of The United Nations adopted a new sustainable development agenda and global agreement on climate change, with set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years; the Goal #15 is “Life on Land”. First, what is desertification? Desertification is the loss [...]


By Trevor Bullen, BSc Agricultural Engineering, Contributing Author. World Bank indicators show that Sub- Saharan Africa has 1 billion hectares of agricultural land which is approximately 42% of the land in sub-Saharan Africa. Of this, approximately 25% is currently under crop today, the majority of which is on a seasonal basis. The population in the region is some 856 million, a population density of approximately 40 per square kilometer compared to 116 in Europe. The numbers above could suggest that there [...]

Le maïs, le lait, la viande…énergie. Pourrait l’énergie devenir le prochain produit de l’agriculture ..?

Dans l'article de cette semaine, nous voulions examiner trois exemples sur la cogénération d'énergie à partir de déchets: un grand supermarché en Angleterre, une ferme de 200 vaches dans le Minnesota, et une maison rurale en Espagne. Cogeneration dans une maison rurale Commençons donc avec la plus grande d'abord, prenons l'exemple d'une chaîne de supermarchés au Royaume-Uni, selon le site de FastCoexist, le supermarché moyen dans ce pays jette près de 2.300 $ USD en nourriture par jour, mais Sainsbury’s tente [...]


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