Perennial Forage and Cover Crops in Tropical Climates Can Help Solve Many Problems

Many Subtropical regions experience an extended dry season, and this is expected to increase as a trend with Global warming and shifts in climate patterns throughout the world, but cover crops can help.  Left unmanaged, dry soils will have sparse vegetation, be much warmer, and when combined, these conditions lend themselves to massive nutrient losses within the soils impacted.  The lack of soil cover from the lack of biomass subject the surface horizons to soil erosion when hard rains [...]

USDA Tests Seeding Cover Crops With Helicopters

USDA aerial seeding cover crops A new program designed to increase the use of cover crops on farms is being offered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  This voluntary program allows farmers to establish cover crops from the air instead of conventional ground methods.  On August 10, the newest effort will commence in Western Massachusetts, and move east across that State. There are many benefits to a well established  cover crop.  As the term [...]


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