On-Farm Construction

Things to consider before breaking ground In construction "A good foundation ensures a good start" A key component of developing new and established farms across the world relates to buildings and structures you need to make your farm most productive.  Whether a new facility or improving a site, the skill of the owner and the scope of the project drives whether you can accomplish the project with your own labor resources or you need to hire a third party contractor [...]

Corn, milk, meat…energy. Will energy become the next product of farming..?

In this week’s article we wanted to review three examples on energy cogeneration from waste: a big supermarket in England, a 200 cows farm in Minnesota, and a single rural house in Spain. proptotype of cogeneration in a rural house in Spain So, first the biggest guy, the supermarket, according to FastCoexist website, the average supermarket in the U.K. throws out around $2,300 of food every day, but Sainsbury’s is trying a different approach: everything that can't be donated to a [...]


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