Harvesting sugar cane in Africa

Biofuel and Electricity Cogeneration from Sugarcane

Countries across the world are addressing ways to reduce their dependency on fossil fuel as a source of electrical energy and fuel, and cogeneration from sugarcane is becoming more and more interesting.  Among the renewable and green sources of energy, Sugarcane can be a significant contributor by nature of its physiology as a plant, and diverse uses that can be extracted from a sugar cane crop. Chart of activities in a typical Sugar Cane plant  (source:  Energies:  Challenges in Bioenergy Production from [...]

Corn, milk, meat…energy. Will energy become the next product of farming..?

In this week’s article we wanted to review three examples on energy cogeneration from waste: a big supermarket in England, a 200 cows farm in Minnesota, and a single rural house in Spain. proptotype of cogeneration in a rural house in Spain So, first the biggest guy, the supermarket, according to FastCoexist website, the average supermarket in the U.K. throws out around $2,300 of food every day, but Sainsbury’s is trying a different approach: everything that can’t be donated to a [...]

Le maïs, le lait, la viande…énergie. Pourrait l’énergie devenir le prochain produit de l’agriculture ..?

Dans l’article de cette semaine, nous voulions examiner trois exemples sur la cogénération d’énergie à partir de déchets: un grand supermarché en Angleterre, une ferme de 200 vaches dans le Minnesota, et une maison rurale en Espagne. Cogeneration dans une maison rurale Commençons donc avec la plus grande d’abord, prenons l’exemple d’une chaîne de supermarchés au Royaume-Uni, selon le site de FastCoexist, le supermarché moyen dans ce pays jette près de 2.300 $ USD en nourriture par jour, mais Sainsbury’s tente [...]


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