Improved maize varieties for Africa: WEMA

Maize is one of the most important cereal crops grown in Africa. It is one of the main food sources for Africans. Africa contributes about 6.5% to the world’s total maize production and Nigeria is the largest African producer of maize followed by South Africa. Over the ten years Africa has faced some of the most severe and biggest droughts. This has made farming to be a risky occupation for small farmers, of which mostly are women who depend [...]

Africa’s miracle rice: NERICA

African rice (Oryza glaberrima) has many stress tolerant genes but it lacks in yield potential like Asian rice (Oryza sativa L.). African farmers prefer O.glaberrima due to its adaptability and tolerance to local pests and diseases.O.sativa has high yield potential but it can not withstand stresses of African region. So, since long time majority of rice was imported in Africa from other countries. Then a miracle happened which earned the King Baudouin award in 2000 to Africa Rice Center [...]

Rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivation in Africa: constraints

African countries are heavily dependent on import of rice to fulfill their requirement of primary source of food. In fact rice is the major staple food and a mainstay for African and Latin American people. West Africa has largest rice area and it accounts for 3.7 million hectare. In Africa rice is produced under four major ecosystems: Irrigated ecosystem About 25% of the total rice in Africa is produced in this ecosystem. But this irrigation equipped land is concentrated to Sudan, [...]

Tractor Technology Shifts Into Alternative Fuel Options with the First Hydrogen Powered Tractor

New Tractor Technology from New Holland – World’s First Hydrogen Powered Tractor NH² (Source: NewHolland. com) Tractor manufactures changed their technological focus from the transmissions, such as the introduction of shiftless versions around 2000, to fully GPS coordinated large farm tractors, and to making alternative fuel models a priority. There are several major tractor manufacturers pushing into the frontier of alternative fuels, beyond where even the normally higher technology auto market has commercial AFV’s (alternative fuel vehicles). Hydrogen Powered Tractor [...]

US Agricultural Export Market Report from TractorExport CEO Steve Massey

At TractorExport, we are pleased to report that our African sales and operations have increased dramatically over the past two years. This is part of the continuation of an upward trend in the agricultural industry overall and especially in US agricultural export sector growth. Due to the boon in the US agricultural sector market, US agricultural equipment purchases have also escalated. The USDA forecast projects US farm net income for 2012 will ultimately be 47% above the 2002-2011 average [...]

TractorExport Client Robert Coleman shares his international agrarian expertise

By Amaryllis Flores If Johnny Appleseed were alive today he might be a lot like Robert Coleman. Mr. Coleman is a premier TractorExport client exiled from his home country of Zimbabwe during the Magavi coup de tat in 1981. He has since launched large scale farming projects the world over and TractorExport has been there to help. Losing the beloved land that generations of his family had toiled for did not slow down the seasoned entrepreneur. From sunflower, corn, and [...]

TractorExport and Minequip Team Up to Provide Zero Hour Rebuilt Caterpillar Construction Equipment

By Amaryllis Flores John Clements is an accomplished international businessman who from an early age appears to have been destined to become a globetrotting entrepreneur. A native of Wales educated primarily in Europe and raised with a stateside home, he developed a worldly awareness at a young age. John credits his father and Rugby coach, “Clem” Clements, for teaching him how to effectively keep his head in the game in life and at play. “John is a dogged and determined [...]


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