Africa’s agriculture system,need for new approaches

The transformation of Africa’s agriculture system will require new approaches, new methodologies, new efficiencies, and the accompanying political focus needed to effect change. This is according to Judith A. Chambers, Patricia Zambrano, José Falck-Zepeda, Guillaume Gruère, Debdatta Sengupta, and Karen Hokanson of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in a report commissioned by the African Development Bank. These researchers highlight the fact that Africa is faced with a variety of current pressures such as population growth, poverty, food insecurity, [...]

Farmerline to use mobile technology to boost harvest in West Africa

Ghana-based technology provider Farmerline has announced its plan to provide 500,000 small-scale farmers access to mobile technology to help improve their harvest in West Africa by 2019 Farmerline is a technology and content company that builds supply-chain and value-chain solutions targeting smallholder farmers and their stakeholders. (Image source: Farmerline) Farmerline has joined the Business Call to Action to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers of West Africa. Business Call to Action is a global platform, which motivates companies to develop business [...]

Nigeria: Agriculture, Consumer Goods to Earn Nigeria, S’africa U.S.$2.6 Trillion By 2020

BY year 2020, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and other sub-Saharan African countries are expected to earn about $2.6 Trillion from resources including agriculture, consumer goods and infrastructure growth. Although the continent faces significant challenges; opportunities are said to also abound, going by the fact that 60 per cent of the world’s unused agricultural land is in Africa. Besides, the continent is adjudged to be very rich in a broad range of resources and has large market with increasing disposable income. Accordingly, [...]

The Secrets for Cutting Energy and Fuel Costs in Farming

The Secrets for Cutting Energy and Fuel Costs in Farming Around the world energy costs have continued to climb both because of supply and demand constraints, as well as increasing government regulation. Energy costs constitute one of a farmers largest expenditures both in the form of direct fuel for tractors and heating and cooling structures, as well as the tandem effect of rising fertilizer costs because they are dependent on fuel costs. World wide energy cost table When farm profits are high [...]

Buying Checklist for All Forms of Ag Equipment

source: In another article about What you need to know before Buying New or Used Equipment and whether to buy in cash or finance it, I covered some of the decision steps a farmer should go through when selecting equipment. Even more important though after you decide exactly what you need in your equipment, is finding that good piece of used equipment. This article applies to used equipment and not new equipment. New equipment is going to come with [...]

Maintenance Plans for Accessory Equipment

Maintenance plans for accessory equipment Source: Outsourcing Farm Equipment Repair and Maintenance Maintenance and repair for farm equipment is one of the major expenses for any operator. The larger the farm operation, the larger the equipment, and the more sophisticated the maintenance requirements typically. Deciding whether to keep maintenance in-house both for primary tractors and combines as well as for accessory equipment can be both an operational and a financial question.   Skillsets for Today’s Farm Equipment – High Tech On the operational [...]

Advances in Combine Performance

Advances in Combine Performance According to John Deere’s company numbers, they have sold more than 1.1 million combines in the past 80 years. John Deere’s combines are not only among the most advanced in the world, but they are also targeted at the largest farmers with some of the highest capacities in the industry.One of the factors driving combine technology is that the agricultural world has experienced the same effects as the retail world and many other industries. Namely, bigger [...]

The Latest in Fertilizer Spraying Technology

click for video Agricultural fertilizer application has advanced significantly from the days of randomly casting powdered fertilizer over a field with a spread broadcaster. Now there are electronic sensors that determine where the fields begin and end, along with GPS sensors for determining what fertilizer mix is required at certain locations, plus a variety of spray nozzles to adapt to different application rates and chemicals.   Targeted Fertilizer and Pesticide Spraying Saves Over 40% There was a recent study done in California where [...]

What you need to know before Financing New or Used Equipment

What you need to know before Financing New or Used equipment One of the biggest decisions that farm owners face is deciding to buy either used or new equipment. The next question is then how to finance these major purchases. Before carefully analyzing these two decisions, there is one criteria that will quickly put your purchase decision in one camp or the other. If you are looking for a tractor in the under 60 hp market, then your better choice [...]

Recommended Tractor Accessories

 Source:   Your tractor is much more then simply a piece of production machinery. Your tractor can often be your home for up to eight hours or more per day when you are preparing the soil or harvesting, or working on other projects that require the use of the big beast. Most of us think nothing of adding refinements to our automobile to make us more comfortable: upgrading a stereo perhaps, adding a GPS system and often adding seat covers, [...]


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