Tractor Advances

Source: The 8R cab looks like a video game console, but for real world performance. Tractor advances are no longer focused on the performance of the tractor strictly. Now the manufacturers have to combine performance with meeting restrictions for a variety of parameters from exhaust emissions, dust generation, fuel consumption, and any number of other regulations dreamed up by a bevy of paper pushers that have probably never even been inside of a tractor cab. Yes, the whole industry [...]

Starting Right: Equipment Maintenance

Farm machinery maintenance requirements grow with the size of the equipment being used, the number of hours equipment is used per year, the difficulty of working the particular soil for your farm, and the age of the equipment. Accountants use a working estimate 25% of the cost of new equipment will eventually be required for maintenance after the economic life of a tractor. This translates into maintenance being a major ongoing expense for all farms.   Maintenance: A Time to Call [...]

Top 5 Ag Tech Achievements of 2013

Top Ag Achievements of 2013 Putting together a top five list of agricultural technology equipment achievements is practically an impossible task. Every single piece of equipment that modern farmers use today require thousands of brilliant engineers to get to the level of performance that we now take for granted. These particular top five agricultural and farm machinery equipment achievements come from videos that were viewed most frequently, suggesting that farmers consider this technology to be key for them. Thank you [...]

Advanced Spreaders Deliver General Nutrient Application and Cost Savings

(Source: Willmar Broadcast Spreaders One of the greatest costs for any crop is the cost of amendments or fertilizers. This fertilizer cost has risen so dramatically in recent years that the even with high grain prices, farmers struggled to make a profit after investing in the necessary amendments for sufficient crop yields. One aspect for saving money on amendments is how the amendments get into the soil and to the seed where they are needed. Spreaders are Older Technology, Still [...]

Genetic diversity in corns of US

By Sweta Exclusive to Tractorexport Genetic diversity refers to different types of species as well as diversity present within a species. It is important as in absence of genetic diversity a species may show inbreeding depression and end up in harmful or lethal mutations. Genetic diversity helps a species to adapt in changing environments. Corn has been cultivated for thousands of years in the US. In the corns of US we can find genetic diversity in color, shape of seed and between [...]

Case Planters Setting Agronomic Standards for Planting Efficiency

While Deere focuses seed planters primarily on automation, precise seed location and distribution, and exacting pre and post planting soil manipulation, Case focuses on producing the highest yields on each planted seed. Though this may seem like a small difference in company design philosophy, the result shows up loud and clear when looking at the way each planter performs. Deere Seed Planters – Bigger, Faster Deere goes bigger, faster, and more controlled in planter designs. Deere holds the title to the [...]

Tractor PTO Generators – Better to Have One Before You Need One

Tractor Power-Take-Off (generators) generator turn the already useful tractor into a portable power plant. PTO generators convert the output shaft from a tractor into usable electricity, minus losses from conversion inefficiencies in the motor and electrical wave conversion. Tractor Brings Electrical Power Anywhere on Farm One of the struggles with farming large acreage is having power were needed. Using solar power is one option, but gets expensive quickly with the levels of power required for pumps, welders, drills, lighting, heating [...]

Tillage Attachments Get Advanced Sharpening From Case’s New Robo-Sharpener

Case already broke new ground with the True-Tandem 330 Turbo tillage attachment by creating new blade designs and adding a center blade. The new blade design brought benefits for leveling soil, breaking tough roots free, and cutting hard corn stalks, but it introduced a challenge for any farmer attempting to sharpen the wavy blades. New Age of Tiller Disc Sharpening Even normal tillage blades can be a challenge to sharpen. The tillage unit and a tractor have to be near the [...]

Deere Brings Self-Propelled Tractor Spraying Technology To New Levels of Precision – and Profit

John Deere’s latest self-propelled tractor spray systems bring total control to the formerly “spray-everything” world of chemical coverage. By using full electrical control down to each nozzle, together with global positioning system (GPS) monitors, the new sprayers put chemicals exactly where they are needed. Spraying the Right Chemical for the Right Crop For example, if a farmer wants to cover a certain section of crops with an anti-fungal agent, while another section needs micro-nutrients coverage, the Deere R4030 or R4038 [...]

New Seed Planters Have Farmers Planting Faster and More Productively Than Ever Before

Deere Co introduced the world’s largest planter in 2009 with the DB120 at 120 feet wide with 48 rows of planter heads. Depending on tractor speed varying from 5 to 5.5 mph, the Deere DB120 can plant from 90 to 100 acres per hour. That is a 30% improvement from the previous planter at 36 rows. Seed Planters Using Advanced Mechanics and Computers More imporant than even the width and number of planter heads, new seed planters are using both mechanical [...]


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