Overhead Center Pivot Irrigation in Israel

Irrigation Systems for Sub-Tropical Agriculture

Technology in irrigation systems has been rapidly advancing across the world.  Low flow systems are assisting farmers at reducing the amount of water they need to satisfy the crop’s requirements while keeping their energy and costs associated with irrigation down.  ‘Smart Phone’ technology allows farmers to monitor the moisture and temperature in their fields from the palm of their hand, which will greatly reduce waste and increase economic yield when used properly.  Advancements in pump designs, water delivery systems, [...]

Incorporating Biochar before planting

Biochar and Subtropical Agriculture

Before going on the fine print about Biochar, we have to mention that half of the world’s population resides in the wide belt of land and water that lies between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn known as the Subtropics.  The world’s people and governments are becoming increasingly aware of the region ‘s unique properties, problems, and potential.  We have come a long way to understanding the diverse biological system that exists there, as well as its important role [...]

indoor agriculture - aeroponics illustration

Current State of Investments in Agriculture

This report summarizes the state of investment activity in the Agricultural Industry.  It will focus on trends relating to Sustainable Systems development, as well as new technology which might be applied to increase yield and/or quality of the food produced in the US. “Agriculture” is a widely defined industry.  It spans from the mining industry through to the manufacturing sector, production, processing, and distribution networks which derive most of their gross receipts in support of, or in the process of [...]

save fuel when operating tractor

Gear Up – Throttle Down – Save Fuel

Selecting the right tractor, setting the right gear, and reducing the throttle to the right RPM’s can save fuel and generate big savings when operating your tractor in field operations. POWER, ENERGY, EFFICIENCY Fuel costs can be a significant portion of a farm’s expenses.  With tractors and field equipment, we sometimes think that the operation we’re performing must always be done with the tractor running at a high RPM and that lower RPM’s might be bad for the engine and drive [...]


Modern Planters and Drills

Modern Planters have come a long way over the course of the past 50 years.  The precision of seed placement can be directly correlated with the yield of the crop being grown.  Even distribution of the optimum population of seed according to factors like soil type, hybrid or variety, date of planting, and other cultural factors is the first step in attaining maximum yields.  Planters are designed and selected mostly according to how the crop is to be harvested. Row [...]

Nasa atmospheric CO2 levels ice core

Is Climate Change for Real?

Or..…Is the Sky Blue? The Climates of our planet have undergone climate change and shifts and trends for millennia after millennia since the dawn of time.  The difference now, is that we can actually measure it with more accuracy than ever before.  When you combine that with the advances in atmospheric science, the consensus among scientists is that this time, we as humans play a significant role in its pace. I’m not much of a political type.  However, I remember actually [...]

WAAPP training scientists

Agricultural Productivity on the Rise in West Africa

West African Agricultural Productivity  is on the rise thanks to a program created by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and funded in part by the World Bank.  The West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP) as it is called is striving to step up to this challenge.  13 West African countries are engaged in this effort and great strides are being made in productive, sustainable food systems which are improving nutrition, creating jobs, and opening doors to [...]

Tractor Moldboard Plow

Machinery Ownership Alternatives for Small Farms

Owning farm machinery for small farms can be expensive and many small farmers struggle with justifying the investment.  This is particularly true with specialized tractors and implements that are used on a limited basis over the course of the year.  I thought we could explore this a little further in this article to see if there are solutions to be found. Let’s look at the primary forms of owning or acquiring the benefits of machinery on your farm:   Owning your own: [...]

Disking in a cover crop of peas and triticale

Integrated Nutrient Management in the Subtropics

Nutrient management is a key component to increasing sustainable yields of crops in sub-tropic regions of the world.  The heavily weathered soils and rapid degradation of existing organic matter in those soils makes for a seemingly insurmountable task of establishing viable agricultural crop systems. An understanding of what factors are at work in your soils, and how to respond to them is an important first step.  The important finding in research and actual practice in these regions; combined with known [...]

No-Till Farming Protects teh Soil

Bringing Cleared Land into Agricultural Production

By John Deibel, Freelance Author and Agronomist As the adoption of new Agricultural technologies evolve in the countries of sub-tropic regions around the world, the clearing of land once occupied by forests, fringe mixed stands, non-agricultural brush land, and other non-agricultural areas is continually increasing.  In the past, we did not know what we know today about Sustainable systems whereby any human activity, no matter where it is carried out, needs to be cognizant of the fact that it will affect [...]


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