TractorExport Gabon Maintenance Team

Preventative Maintenance Spells Profit for Ag Machinery Owners

Farmers are skilled across many areas of business management; perhaps more so than just about any sector of an economy.  They manage people, finances, animals, land, the environment, and equipment.  As more agricultural machinery makes its way to developing countries around the world, it has become increasingly important to have an equally preventative maintenance, effective service and parts network follow it.  Over the past few decades, millions of dollars worth of equipment has made its way to fields and [...]

weather can affect farming

Tracking Weather for Farming Across the Sub-Tropics

Using the Cloud to Help Farmers make farming decisions Managing your farm carries a multitude of challenges…decision making in the sensitive environments of the tropics and sub-tropics adds another layer of things to consider.  Knowing your regional climate and local weather for farming can be crucial to protecting your crops and animals. Several organizations and groups are trying to step up to these challenges with tools that can be utilized by farmers across the equatorial belt to assist with short-term seasonal [...]

Sub-Compact Tractors John Deere

Compact and Sub-Compact Tractors Compared

Most agricultural tractors generally fit into one of several categories such as Utility, Row Crop, and Specialty.  In this article, I’ll break down what I call Utility Tractors, which can range from 20 hp-140 hp. Most manufacturers will place a tractor into a Utility class because, as the name suggests, they perform a variety of ‘uses’.  Often set up with a front end loader (typically able to be detached with relative ease), a brush hog, or a finishing mower attachment; [...]

Compact Tractor Pulling Compost Turner

Using Small Tractors to Improve Composting Systems in Communities

Composting systems for treatment of wood, fiber, food, animal, and other wastes is an important contributor to mitigating the negative effects of climate change.  By composting, we sequester more carbon to the soil, reduce the amount of methane released into the atmosphere by alternative waste management systems, and create a valuable soil conditioning amendment for use in food production. There are a few different methods used for composting, but it is fairly well established that using aerobic (presence of oxygen) [...]

Regenerative Agriculture - Permaculture

Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture Systems

One of the most challenging barriers to regenerative agriculture, or sustainable agriculture in the equatorial regions across the world is the farmer’s ability to establish and maintain a soil resource that can ensure long-term production of food crops.  The extreme weathering that takes place on the soils across these regions makes sustainability so difficult to achieve in food production.  Combine that with the socio-economic challenges these populations face and it leaves us as a planet looking for solutions. Climate change [...]

Rice Reaper Binder Machine

Small Farm Rice Production

Small farm rice production in Japan (Source: Growing Rice in Japan) Rice production is on the rise in many areas of Africa and other regions of the equatorial belt, specially small farm rice production. Many farms in these areas working with small plots of land may hold promise for the use of compact tractors in producing a successful rice crop. Building Bunds/Levees In order to contain the water that will be flooded or irrigated into the paddy, the building of dams or [...]

agriculture drone

Global Agricultural Equipment Market Trends

In researching current trends in Agricultural Equipment worldwide, I found that regardless of where any given region is with regard to its Ag industry; Agricultural Engineering is moving forward with unprecedented growth in technology advancements.  This means different things to different regions of the world. By:  John Deibel, Freelance Author for Tractor Export North America: Gross receipts and profitability in North American Agriculture continue to slide.  2017 is a Census year in the US.  Many are anticipating some significant and perhaps not [...]

Gator ATV Sprayer

Understanding Fertilizers and Soil Fertility

Soil Fertility is the most limiting factor to economic crop yields in many regions across the Equatorial belt and Sub-Saharan Africa.  The expense of purchasing fertilizers is several times higher than in other regions of the world.  For example, it might cost a smallholder of land 100 km from a port more to transport fertilizer from the port than it cost to ship it thousands of miles across the ocean. However, the dilemma still exists, and as food and other [...]

Raised Bed Maker on Subcompact Tractor

Raised Bed Farming

Many small farms are converting from flat land field management to raised beds.  There are several considerations to go through before converting to raised beds that we’ll cover here. “Raised-beds are a type of planting crops in which furrows – long, narrow trenches made in the ground by a plow – are widely spaced and crops are planted on raised strips. The width of the strips is determined to ensure homogeneous adequate water distribution into the soil profile to meet [...]

ATVs with harrow

Did you Know? You Can Also Use Agricultural Implements with ATVs

ATVs (also known as Gators), Compact and Sub-Compact Tractors with the appropriate agricultural implements offer an efficient way to manage small jobs, or can be used across many jobs on small farms.  In this article, I want to focus on what types of attachments can be used with a compact tractor for your field tillage needs and what to look for in them. Maybe you know you need a tractor to help you take care of many of the heavy [...]


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