Mobile Apps for Agriculture and Internet-Cell Phone Technology Hold Promise for Developing Countries

As technology continues developing at a breakneck pace in the US and other developed countries of the world, the use of Apps for agriculture (Smartphone Applications) has expanded well. The many apps now being used in Agriculture focus on these primary functions or specializations: Weather and Climate – farmers rely heavily on information that relates to weather and climate in real time. Each season delivers a different frequency and duration of rainfall, and wide swings in temperature can present themselves with [...]

harvesting medicinal hemp with combine

Industrial Hemp Making Strides as an Emerging ‘New’ Crop

Industrial Hemp, historically somewhat misunderstood by the general public, is making strides in being recognized for what it is… a crop completely different than its related strain which is still classified as a narcotic. Hemp is a form of Cannabis sativa L., is still classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act in the U.S.  This past July, legislators introduced the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017, authored across party lines and seeks to remove Hemp from [...]

GPS in agriculture - landsat satellite

GPS in Agriculture – A Rapidly Evolving Technology

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has been around for a long time, but the use of GPS in agriculture is quite recent.  The ability to locate a geographic position using satellites was first introduced in the 1970’s.  GPS is really just the core technology, however.  It has evolved tremendously to real-time data exchange, which probably contributed the most to its practical application in Agriculture. It wasn’t until another layer of technology, namely, Geographic Information Systems came about that we’ve seen [...]

rice seedling transplanter

Selecting a Mechanical Transplanter

Rice Seedling Mechanical Transplanter – Source:  Rice Crop Guide – Growing Rice – Haifa Group One of the key challenges to small landholders is achieving timeliness of operations.  With the high costs associated with finding and retaining good workers when growing small acreages of crops; whether for a market or a community-supported system, the decision to mechanize certain operations can be a tough one. A good example is in the decision to purchase a mechanical transplanter.  While hand planting can be effective [...]

cover crops - intercropping

Perennial Forage and Cover Crops in Tropical Climates Can Help Solve Many Problems

Many Subtropical regions experience an extended dry season, and this is expected to increase as a trend with Global warming and shifts in climate patterns throughout the world, but cover crops can help.  Left unmanaged, dry soils will have sparse vegetation, be much warmer, and when combined, these conditions lend themselves to massive nutrient losses within the soils impacted.  The lack of soil cover from the lack of biomass subject the surface horizons to soil erosion when hard rains [...]

orange crop damaged by hurricane Irma

Effect from Hurricanes on Farmers Can Be Devastating

In this historically active Hurricanes season across the Caribbean and Gulf Coasts of the US, we read and see the horrific damage to homes and properties across vast areas of land.  The impact on Agriculture as an industry and farm families as a demographic is equal or greater in its impact; not the least of which is the effect on market prices to the consumer.  While the oil refineries and retailers of gasoline have the ability to be ‘ahead’ [...]

Soil Compaction Robs Yields and Profits

Soil compaction is a significant issue in production agriculture around the world.  It can be caused by several processes and/or activities in your crop management practices.  Essentially, soil compaction is defined as an increase in bulk density (weight of soil at a given volume) and/or a decrease in porosity (air exchange) within a soil.  It degrades the structure of a soil, and degrades the soil’s ability to drain, exchange nutrients, sustain microbial life; prevents ideal root development, and other [...]

Tractor with ballast racks

Tractor Ballast and Weighting

Tractor Ballast is an important step to optimum performance Purchasing a tractor, whether for one task or many, has several things to consider before the best use of your money can be achieved.  Properly setting up the Tractor Ballast enables you to balance fuel economy, transmission efficiency, work effectiveness, tire life, loading capacities, and other tasks you’ll be asking it to perform. When your tractor is set up with a front end loader having the rear of the tractor ballasted to [...]

Tractor with Front-end loader

Tractor Selection Guide

Know What You Want, Know What You’re Getting if you want to do a good tractor selection Selecting the right tractor can be a complex decision these days, as manufacturers make the machines more complicated with good intentions to be competitive for your business.. computerized controls, operator comfort, ease of operation, and other added features all come at a cost..the trick is to determine if the benefit is worth it. It seems the smaller the tractor, the more complex these decisions [...]

Rainforest ResponsibilitySacks_

The Rainforest Alliance

Recent findings from the United States Environmental Protection Agency continue the mounting proof that Climate Change is real, that’s why we want to show in this article, the importance of The Rainforest Alliance’s work around the world (see: Report: Federal climate findings counter Trump’s stance on climate change – CBS News – Aug 8, 2017). Founded in 1987 by Daniel Katz, the Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on certifying farms and businesses which actively conserve biodiversity and [...]


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