New harvesting solutions by Geringhoff

By Joe Spencer Geringhoff has introduced two new maize headers and a flex draper that make it easier to handle multiple planting configurations and harvesting on hillsides. The new Independence line from Geringhoff includes two headers that enable maize growers to plant in any configuration without having to worry about how to harvest the crop. Freedom header The Freedom maize header’s angled, two-chain system optimises crop feeding, maximises yield retention, and reduces crop loss and plugging. Its radical gearbox design can handle [...]

Tractors at Nampo

By Joe Spencer The new John Deere 9570RX had an auspicious SA debut at Nampo when the first model in the country sold almost as soon as the show opened. Grain SA reports that a record 75 116 visitors attended this year’s Nampo Harvest Day, while exhibitors totalled 685 – the most ever. Here are the tractors that caught our eye: Star of the show The first John Deere 9570RX ‘4-Track’ articulated tracked tractor in South Africa was snapped up at the start [...]

Would agriculture jobs be affected by the use of robots?

Currently robotic machinery is not affordable but the difference between this kind of machinery and the human labor cost could become insignificant by 2020 Adapted from Scientific American Most developed countries have seen labor participation in agriculture decline rapidly in the past 100 years, and this is not just a case of automated machinery eliminating human jobs; it's not that simply, United Nations reports that 54% of the World population lives in urban areas, and this proportion is expected to increase to 66% by 2050. [...]

Do You Need To Know Your Cost of Production?

Grain Marketing vs. Business Decisions By:Mike McGinnis "Farmers should definitely know what it costs them to grow their crops!" I'm sure you have sat through a grain marketing meeting or two with the trade expert using that as a main talking point. "Knowing your cost of production is not necessary!" Less heard of, but depending upon whom you talk to, this is a strong belief. So, which one is it? Let's start with Roy Smith (SoyRoy), a longtime market analyst contributor to [...]

Les emplois agricoles seront-ils affectés par l’utilisation de robots?

Actuellement les machines robotique ne sont pas abordables, mais la différence entre ce type de machines et le coût de la main-d'œuvre humaine pourrait devenir insignifiante d'ici 2020 Adapté de Scientific American La plupart des pays développés ont vu la participation de la main-d'œuvre dans l'agriculture baisser rapidement dans les 100 dernières années, et ce ne sont pas juste une affaire de machines automatisées éliminant des emplois humains. Les Nations Unies rapporte que 54% de la population mondiale vit dans les [...]

Podrían los trabajos en el sector agrícola verse afectados por la llegada de robots?

Actualmente los Robots son demasiado costosos, pero el costo promedio entre maquinaria automatizada y el costo de mano de obra de humanos puede ser casi igual para el 2020 Adaptado de Scientific American La mayoría de los países desarrollados han visto declinar rápidamente la participación del empleo en la agricultura en los pasados 100 años, y no se trata simplemente de maquinaria automatizada eliminando trabajos de humanos; no es así de simple, un reporte de las Naciones Unidas indica que 54% [...]

Multipurpose tractor helps farmers harvest potatoes without cuts

By :Laban Robert Potato farmers can now harvest their crops without injuries, which accelerate rotting and reduced selling lifespan, with the new cheap hand-pulled multipurpose tractor from the King-Bird machineries.The company’s Marketing Manager Caleb Michael said the tractor also known as the Power Tiller enables farmers deal with post-harvest losses arising from cut potatoes.“More than 20 per cent of potatoes go bad after harvests because of cuts, which allow for entry of destructive micro-organisms. The potato harvester component [...]

5 things to know about new drone rules

FAA publishes new rules that hit the 'sweet spot' for agriculture UAV use By: Willie Vogt This week the Federal Aviation Administration has released its new rules for the operation for unmanned aerial vehicles, and while you may be reading some grousing by some industries over this first pass on operation; for agriculture the rules are basically nothing but good news. We talked with Thomas Haun, executive vice president, PrecisionHawk, who offers some insight into those rules, and we picked up [...]

Three reasons why we can win the fight against poverty

  In this week's newsletter we wanted to share an inspiring video of Andrew Youn from One Acre Fund; he speaks about his experience on how he has  helped farmers achieving better income delivering 3 simple farm services that allow them to be a lot more productive, all this being environmentally and financially sustainable and without big investments. We hope you'll enjoy it.      

Andrew Youn: 3 raisons pour lesquelles nous pouvons vaincre la pauvreté

Dans le bulletin de cette semaine, nous voulions partager une vidéo inspirante de l'activiste Andrew Youn de «One Acre Fund"; il parle de son expérience avec les agriculteurs comment il les a aidés à obtenir de meilleurs revenus par offrir 3 simple services agricoles qui leur permettent d'être beaucoup plus productif, tout cela étant écologiquement et financièrement viable et sans gros investissements. Nous espérons que vous l'apprécierez.      


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