Tres razones por las que podemos ganar la lucha contra la pobreza

El siguiente artículo ha sido extraído de la conferencia en Ted Talks de Andrew Youn “Three reason why we can win the fight against poverty” La mitad de la gente mas pobre del planeta son pequeños cultivadores, este problema de hambre mundial es analizado por Andrew Youn en un reciente video de Ted Talks Primero es importante resaltar sobre la consecuencias del pobreza: los chicos que no reciben buena alimentación no podrán tener un buen desarrollo físico y mental, el hambre [...]

Tanzania to get mobile apps for soil testing

Kenya-based Capture Solutions has announced plans to extend its business to Tanzania by introducing various mobile phone applications, including the use of mobile phone applications that help farmers in improving their productivity levels The company is aiming to launch the app in Dar es Salaam in September 2016. The firm’s managing director, Lawrenzo Boncompagni said that some of its proposed services include kits for testing soil fertility and providing data on weights and measurements of farm products. “Wherever a farmer is located, [...]

3 Important Trends Impacting Agriculture Today

By:Greg Guse As a student of agriculture for nearly 40 years, I’ve seen lots of things come and go. Good times and bad times. Things like ethanol, biotechnology and genetic research that have literally changed the course of the industry. Very recently, I’ve noticed several trends occurring that will drastically impact agriculture for the next few years. These trends are: a generational shift among ag producers, accelerated impact of technology and data, and even greater global influence. A Generational Shift I was [...]

Tracking Expenses is Key to Financial Success

Creating and sticking to a budget can be difficult for families with a regular income, but it’s even trickier for farm families, since the business is tied so closely to the household. Income varies widely from month to month and year to year, and so do expenses. Even though many of those variations are seasonal, it’s impossible to predict what will happen. “Household expenses are usually small relative to business expenses,” says Janet Bechman of Purdue University’s Department of Consumer [...]

What Happens if You Pay Crop Insurance Late?

Former Successful Farming editor Loren Kruse once said, “The check for crop insurance is the hardest one to write.” It’s understandable because when you write and mail that check, it is often abundantly clear that there are no substantial crop loss and no indemnity payment to offset the premium. Some buyer’s regret comes with writing a check for something you don’t use, but write the check you must, if you want to continue to have crop insurance. Of course, your [...]

Data Aggregation – understanding what it means

Explaining how this important management tool can work for your farm. By: Willie Vogt In the past five years, one key word has made its way into the farm vocabulary - data. For some it's a four-letter word in the worst sense of the meaning, given that it's an item that needs a whole new kind of management. Yet there's one phrase that often comes along with data - data aggregation. And understanding what that means may help you better [...]

Robots are coming to agriculture

By Lux Research Even though cost continues to remain a barrier to adoption, robots are finding their way into agriculture, threatening to alter the landscape of farming across the world, according to Lux Research. “Currently robots often aren’t affordable – cost remains the most significant barrier to adoption,” said Sara Olson, Lux Research Analyst and lead author of the report titled, “Planting the Seeds of a Robot Revolution: How Autonomous Systems Are Integrating into Precision Agriculture.” “However, the costs of many systems [...]

App Helps Control Harvest Pain Point

By: Laurie Bedord Logistics during harvest can be a major pain point for many growers. “Specifically, managing grain truck fleets to ensure they get back and forth to the field in a reasonable time is a challenge, especially when elevators get busy,” says Julian Sanchez, Director, John Deere Technology Innovation Center. “Farmers tell us they are often asking themselves, “Where are my trucks? Is there at least one truck on the way back? What are wait times at nearby elevators?” To alleviate the [...]

Autoridad comercial de Londres descarta impacto de Brexit en América Latina

El Lord Mayor de Londres, responsable de comercio y finanzas de la capital británica, descartó este martes en Costa Rica que la votación por el retiro del Reino Unido de la Unión Europea afecte las relaciones económicas de su país con América Latina. Tras un encuentro con el presidente costarricense Luis Guillermo Solís, el Lord Mayor Jeffrey Mountevans, consideró que el efecto del referendo no será fuerte. "El efecto sobre América Latina (del Brexit), estoy optimista de que no será un [...]

Three ways to profit in agriculture from Brexit

The UK's world-shocking vote to leave the European Union has brought with it plenty of danger for investors. But, as ever with periods of gargantuan change, there is opportunity too. Agrimoney has identified three areas – one each, in production, farm inputs and agricultural services – which could provide silver lining from the clouds which look like surrounding the UK economy for some years yet. Choose your crops The ideas largely assume weaker sterling, which looks a strong probability given the UK's economic [...]


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