On-Farm Construction

Things to consider before breaking ground In construction “A good foundation ensures a good start” A key component of developing new and established farms across the world relates to buildings and structures you need to make your farm most productive.  Whether a new facility or improving a site, the skill of the owner and the scope of the project drives whether you can accomplish the project with your own labor resources or you need to hire a third party contractor [...]

Brangus in Chihuahua with GPS collar

Biosensors in Cattle Become More Sophisticated Every Year

The term biosensors is becoming commonplace in the livestock industry across the world.  The term covers a wide variety of data sets that can be measured, transmitted, and analyzed in real time using IoT (Internet of Things) technology or wireless systems ‘talking’ with a centralized unit on the farm. Biosensors have the potential to measure physiological, behavioral, immunological, and related variables across multiple animal species and livestock; whether in the wild or domesticated.  The latest developments can offer highly specialized [...]

changing fuel filter in a massey tractor

Keeping Diesel Fuel Clean

In the day-to-day operations on farms and construction sites, just about the last thing on your mind as an operator is how clean your fuel is as it powers your tractor and equipment.  Over time, however, not paying attention to keeping clean fuel clean can cost you big money.  Diesel fuel is actually very clean when it leaves the refinery.  What happens after that, however, can be significant.  During transport, contaminants can be easily picked up in diesel fuel.  [...]

john deere track loader

Track vs Wheels for Loaders and Equipment

The debate between skid-steer track vs tires has been ongoing for years, whether in loaders, tractors, or any piece of equipment. The skid steer has been on the construction and farm scene for some 40 years; achieving the distinction of becoming the single most popular purchase in the construction industry.  In recent decades, however, the introduction of track drive across many pieces of equipment creates another layer of decision making for the contractor and farmer alike. The skid steer loader [...]

Harvesting sugar cane in Africa

Biofuel and Electricity Cogeneration from Sugarcane

Countries across the world are addressing ways to reduce their dependency on fossil fuel as a source of electrical energy and fuel, and cogeneration from sugarcane is becoming more and more interesting.  Among the renewable and green sources of energy, Sugarcane can be a significant contributor by nature of its physiology as a plant, and diverse uses that can be extracted from a sugar cane crop. Chart of activities in a typical Sugar Cane plant  (source:  Energies:  Challenges in Bioenergy Production from [...]

Soil Health Evaluation

Soil Health – More than just a soil test

In this article, we will review “Soil Health” a more holistic approach to soil testing. In the past, we’ve written various articles about soils.  How they are formed; climatic regions and their effect on soils; soil texture; soil nutrients; and more.  Over the past few decades, as Agriculture moves more toward Sustainable Systems and away from strictly chemical-based decision making; we have found researchers and consultants have expanded their measurements of soil quality.  Many of the parameters that come [...]

side delivery fertilizer spreader for orchards

Organic Amendments and Fertilizer Spreaders

Farmers around the world have always known the benefits of manures, composts, leaf and yard waste; and other bulky organic materials, and the fertilizer spreaders to deliver them.  With more emphasis on sustainability and recycling; reducing the use of costly chemical fertilizers, and managing the organic fraction of the soil better; advancements in the ‘science’ of it all have kept pace to assist farmers while equipment technology also has become more precise for field and operating efficiency. Sources of Bulky [...]

FuturePump - Solar Powered Irrigation

Solar Energy in Agriculture

We wanted to bring an article about Solar Energy in agriculture because in these times farmers in tropical and developing countries are learning first hand how Climate Change and Global Warming are changing the way we do things in agriculture and other industries.  A key component of mitigating Climate Change is Energy.  Without practical and reliable sources of energy, the challenges with increasing production and stepping up to processing requirements to create more value-added commodities for markets and the community. Solar [...]

Mobile Apps for Agriculture and Internet-Cell Phone Technology Hold Promise for Developing Countries

As technology continues developing at a breakneck pace in the US and other developed countries of the world, the use of Apps for agriculture (Smartphone Applications) has expanded well. The many apps now being used in Agriculture focus on these primary functions or specializations: Weather and Climate – farmers rely heavily on information that relates to weather and climate in real time. Each season delivers a different frequency and duration of rainfall, and wide swings in temperature can present themselves with [...]

harvesting medicinal hemp with combine

Industrial Hemp Making Strides as an Emerging ‘New’ Crop

Industrial Hemp, historically somewhat misunderstood by the general public, is making strides in being recognized for what it is… a crop completely different than its related strain which is still classified as a narcotic. Hemp is a form of Cannabis sativa L., is still classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act in the U.S.  This past July, legislators introduced the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017, authored across party lines and seeks to remove Hemp from [...]


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