A New Look at Buying Used Equipment

A New Look at Buying Used Equipment

By Amaryllis Flora

Used tractors never die. They find new life in the eager arms of a business savvy farmer.

It is no secret in the agricultural export industry that agrarian entrepreneurs can save substantially on essential equipment and avoid duty fees and delivery delays by buying used from established reputable dealers.

President of TractorExport, Steve Massey, is one of those industry leaders serving the low hour used equipment global market for over a decade now. Business is good as United States agricultural equipment exports increased by 16 percent in 2012 according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers´ US Commerce Department statistics.

We are part of this growing market of demand because our clients realize they can save about 30 percent buying used equipment from us,” said Massey. “We spare you the frustration of not having the equipment you need immediately available or having to wait nine to 18 months due to backlogs.”

TractorExport provides integrated agricultural solutions including equipment, logistics, parts support and training. Parts support, mechanical support and training are separate services we offer,” said CEO Massey. “We also send mechanics on site to help set up equipment and handle mechanics. No other exporter that I know of does this.”

According to business.com, farmers typically recycle and re-use equipment in the quest to stretch those farming budgets: “Pre-owned farm equipment, especially used farm tractors, tends to hold its value because it often has very few hours of use. This is similar to a low mileage car. In a situation where lending money is tight, the demand for these used farm implements often increases dramatically.”


Massey adds that as an American exporter he has a distinct advantage because in general U.S. farming machinery tends to be well cared for stateside. “Most of our combines and tractors come from Midwest farmers who treat their beloved equipment as extended family. They get lots of tender loving care, often kept in garages safe from the elements and regularly serviced.”

The internet has opened up a world of opportunity to connect farmers in need with qualified shippers. As with any online business transaction, Massey suggests would be buyers vigilantly research the best value for their intended investment.

Parts and training support, for example, are critical to farmers out in the field. A reputable exporter will offer parts support. We have a spare parts package designed by experts on-the-ground who understand the range of scenarios that might come up. You also want to be sure you can get a trainer out there for hands on equipment demonstrations and education right away. Our team can be available to the client generally within a week.”

New equipment acquisition options for today´s modern farmer make buying used from a reputable dealer safe and easy for expanded profits.

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