TractorExport Client Robert Coleman shares his international agrarian expertise

By Amaryllis Flores

If Johnny Appleseed were alive today he might be a lot like Robert Coleman. Mr. Coleman is a premier TractorExport client exiled from his home country of Zimbabwe during the Magavi coup de tat in 1981. He has since launched large scale farming projects the world over and TractorExport has been there to help.

Losing the beloved land that generations of his family had toiled for did not slow down the seasoned entrepreneur. From sunflower, corn, and wheat crops in Russia, to soybeans and tobacco in Romania, and rice farm operations in Nigeria, Mr. Coleman is now a sought out expert. He has helped rehabilitate state lands for farming and begun new agrarian endeavors in partnership with host countries.

During a recent business stop-over in Miami, Mr. Coleman spent time with TractorExport CEO Steve Massey and spoke to TractorExport News.
“When we were rehabbing the state farms in Romania, the modern machinery mostly came from America,” said Mr. Coleman. “We were able to sort things out for them and get everything organized and working properly. Then we handed it back to the Romanian people to carry on.”

“We have TractorExport equipment on site,” said Mr. Coleman. “In the next four months we will embark upon the largest scale rice project in Africa. We have one combine from Steve, large tractors, scrapers and small tractors as well.”

While TractorExport CEO Steve Massey drove his client and friend back to MIA Airport for his next stateside destination they discussed their shared passions for rugby and music. In between talking lateral passing and song riffs, Mr. Coleman answered one more question on why his relationship with TractorExport works for global agrarian business.

“TractorExport offers excellent quality equipment and realistic prices. They are easy to work with and provide good backup. What more can I ask for?”

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